Our Approach

At Nailed It, we believe that the relationship between the customer and the business needs to begin with trust and end with quality. We strive to be the very best in our industry in everything, but we demand to be the best at our three core beliefs…


1.) Clean: Even the very best quality can all be for not, if the environment and tools are not clean. Our tools and equipment is beyond clean, they are sanitized.

2.) Quality: We demand that our quality is above the standard expectation of our industry. We train our employees to use our proven techniques that our customers have become to expect. Quantity will never surpass our quality. Period.

3.) Service: Service can be defined by many things, but we view service as more of a hospitality towards everyone that walks through our doors, and try to make them as comfortable here, as they would be at home.




Our Story

Nailed It was a concept that was developed over almost 2 decades of working within the nail industry, by seeing what worked, and more importantly, what didn’t.

Through many failures and successes, we identified what a customer base wanted on the front end, and also what the customer needed on the back end, or the behind the scenes of the business. Think, cleanliness!


We identified 4 fatal flaws within the industry and set out to destroy those, so that we could bring a fresh perspective to the industry:

1.) Cleanliness: The word clean is interchanged with sanitary, and nothing could be further from the truth.. To be sanitary, is to be clean. There is a perception out there that some or most nail salons are not clean. And that perception is warranted.

From employees rinsing dirty tools under water and then putting them into a plastic bag, just to open them in front of the next customer, gives the perception of those tools being clean. They’re NOT!

How about that beautifully scented paraffin wax that you have put on your hands? A good portion of nail salons put that used wax back into the boiler to be used again…..yikes!

These are just a few of the examples that we like to illustrate of what we mean by cleanliness.

In contrast, every tool that we use is put through a 6 step sanitization process before being used again, our wax is disposed of immediately after use, and our pedicure bowls are sprayed with a disinfectant after every use.


2.) Quality: Quality is a very subjective thing, so we needed to frame and identify what deficiencies were present in the industry.

What we discovered, was that a good portion of the “lack of quality” was not from poor technical skills, but from the way the industry as a whole paid it’s employees (commission), so the faster an employee finished with the current client, the faster they got to the next client….and very often, quality would suffer.

We eliminated this by instituting an income system that discourages speed for quality and also allows our employees to benefit a better than average wage.


3.) Service: To us, service goes beyond making you feel as comfortable in our business as you would at home. Our belief is that your time is valuable, and unlike other places that will knowingly let you wait for hours on end before your service begins, we strive to be up front with everyone that walks though our door, of how long of a wait they may have.

Do we lose some customers business in the short term doing this, yes…..but when that customer returns, the quality of service they receive will be second to none!


4.) Forward Thinking: The nail salon industry was stale, lacking in new ideas and refused to go outside of the box.

So in response to that, we began making our own line of in house pedicure bath salts, scrubs, mask and oils, using premium quality oils, butters, essential oils and ingredients.

This allows us to control what goes into the products that are used on your skin and ensure that we’re putting our best foot forward in ensuring your health and well being.






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